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What we do

We are able to provide consultancy support at every stage of the clinical development program of your assets

Here are some examples of projects we have conducted through the lifecycle:

I Spot Pre-clinical and Phase I

– Early Price potential assessment
– Landscaping of disease and payer environment
– Due diligence and commercial opportunity exploration
– ATC & DDD strategy development

II Spot Phase II–Phase III

– Payer evidence generation, validation and WTP
– Value gap and value driver analysis
– Qualitative pricing
– Value message testing and value proposition development

III Spot  Phase III–Launch

– Pricing and access strategy
– Revenue scenario testing
– Launch sequencing through international price referencing analytical
   tools and strategic considerations
– Advisory boards to develop optimum launch strategy
   in target markets
– Payer segmentation and partnership development
– Commercialisation strategy
– Country specific market access understanding and strategies;
   including value based pricing in the US and UK 

IV Spot  Phase IV

– Market dynamics with LoE and generic entry
– Commercial optimisation and uptake
– Navigating and mitigating Payer uncertainties with therapies 
   and technologies



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