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  • Posted by Brett Gardiner
  • October 29, 2013
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Navigating and mitigating Payer uncertainty around innovative oncology products

Navigating and mitigating Payer uncertainty around innovative oncology products

We have conducted many payer research projects supporting the commercialization of oncology products. During our research, payers frequently express their frustration at the apparent disconnect between a manufacturer’s pricing and market access value proposition and the clinical and economic evidence to support the manufacturer’s position.

Unfortunately our industry’s reliance on traditional qualitative payer interviews and advisory boards has left many gaps in the identification of value as defined by the payer and the “value proposition” as communicated by the manufacturer.

In response to this perceived deficiency, we developed a cost-effective web based methodology for identifying the “gaps” between payer exceptions and a manufacturer’s evidence. This methodology can be fielded by Health Economic and Outcomes Research teams to ensure that value messages are effectively navigating and mitigating payer uncertainty surrounding clinical and economic evidence. Using our tool our research partners have been able to more eloquently advocate (using supporting evidence such as spider diagrams) the need to fund and implement certain research projects. As a result, we have helped many of our clients save on company expenses and costs associated with contingency strategies (e.g., contracting), which can be incurred when the manufacturer’s evidence does not match the payer’s expectations. 


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